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Under direct supervision, the police trainee will undergo comprehensive training in accordance with state and local law enforcement regulations, strategies, and protocols to fulfill the requirements for certification as a Texas Peace Officer. This will involve active participation and successful completion of both classroom sessions at the police academy and practical field training under designated police command.

Responsibilities include attending informative lectures and demonstrations, participating in hands-on practice sessions, studying relevant textbooks and instructional manuals, and completing assigned tasks focused on law enforcement practices, Texas penal and associated codes, firearm handling and safety, marksmanship, departmental guidelines, and procedures, traffic regulations, and management, arrest methodologies, effective radio communication, defensive driving techniques, emergency response protocols, accident investigation procedures, ethical conduct, report writing, and principles of community relations.

In addition, the trainee will be involved in various public safety activities as needed, which may encompass responding to emergency incidents, performing basic protective services, and assisting victims as directed by the Training Chief. The trainee will also actively engage in a demanding daily physical training program to maintain physical fitness standards.

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You must meet all minimum requirements to be eligible to apply. You may still submit an official application or contact one of our recruiters for additional information.

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