Lateral Police Officer

About Lateral Officers

The lateral police officer will enforce municipal laws, maintain community peace, and protect individuals and property. They will document evidence and actions related to criminal offenses and public safety incidents. The officer will undergo comprehensive training at the Lateral Police Officer Academy, including attending classes, participating in practical exercises, and studying various subjects such as law enforcement practices, regulations, firearms handling, traffic laws, ethics, and report writing.

As patrol officers, their duties involve preventing and investigating law violations, conducting inspections for security purposes, responding to emergencies, questioning individuals involved in incidents, and making independent decisions to handle challenging situations. The officer will collaborate with supervisors and other law enforcement agencies, detain suspects, enforce traffic regulations, and provide assistance in emergencies. They may also serve on specialized teams, engage in community-oriented policing, fulfill court orders, and testify in legal proceedings.

Additionally, the officer will prepare detailed reports, maintain records, perform assigned duties in the absence of superiors, ensure equipment maintenance and facility cleanliness, participate in professional development training, and provide guidance to colleagues.

Application Process

Minimum Requirements

You must meet all minimum requirements to be eligible to apply as a Lateral Police Officer.

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