The EPPD Academy

The El Paso Police Department Training Academy, situated on Scenic Drive with a panoramic view of the City of El Paso, offers recruits an environment that combines rigorous academics and physical challenges. Throughout the 43-week training period, recruits will undergo comprehensive instruction in various subjects, encompassing criminal law, report writing, principles of investigation, defensive tactics, police vehicle operations, and firearm training. The academic curriculum culminates with the State of Texas licensing exam (TCOLE), which is a prerequisite for graduation.

At the academy, the principal strength and conditioning program employed is Crossfit training, emphasizing the development of physical prowess. Prospective recruits must be adequately prepared to meet the demanding physical standards the academy sets. Outlined below are the fitness standards that recruits are required to attain:

Academy for Lateral Police Officer

Physical Fitness Testing Standards

Police Academy PT Exam

The physical fitness testing standards include:

  • Sit-ups: 32 in one minute
  • Push-ups: 24 push-ups no time limit
  • 100 Yard Dash: 19 seconds or less
  • One mile run: 10:49 or less
  • Bend, Twist & Touch: 15 cycles in 20 seconds
  • Combined Left & Right Grip Strength: Combined 160 lbs

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