Health Insurance

Employees are entitled to enroll in the City of El Paso's Health Insurance and Benefits Program, which offers comprehensive coverage. In addition, the city provides a dental and optical program to support employees' oral and vision health.

Life Insurance

Throughout the entirety of the existing Agreement, the City will furnish term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policies with coverage amounts of $50,000.00 for officers, $2,000.00 for the employee's spouse, and $1,000.00 for the employee's dependent children aged 14 days to less than 22 years, unless the dependent is a full-time student under the age of 25. Additionally, employees have the option to avail themselves of Optional Term Life Insurance.

Fitness Facilities

The El Paso Police Department has a spacious, well-equipped weightlifting facility complete with a state-of-the-art cardio center. This facility is located at Police Headquarters 911 N. Raynor. Each Regional Command Center has a satellite fitness center (five total). These facilities are at no charge to Department employees.


For the duration of this Agreement, the City shall contribute to the Firemen, Policemen, and Fire Alarm Operators Pension Fund a sum equal to triple the employee's contribution to such fund; provided that, in no case shall the City's contribution exceed 18.5% of an employees salary, longevity, premium pay, incentive pay, and overtime pay.

Service Retirement: Upon the completion of twenty (20) or more years of Vesting Service and age forty-five (45) or more years of Vesting Service and attainment of age fifty (50) or more, a former member shall receive a Pension equal to two and one-half (2.50%) percent, multiplied by Credited Service.

Deferred Retirement: Upon completion of ten (10) but less than twenty (20) years of Vesting Service and age fifty (50) or more, a former Member shall receive a Pension equal to two and one-half (2.50%) percent, multiplied by Credited Service, multiplied by Final Wages.

For more complete pension information, visit the El Paso Fire and Police Pension website.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program offered by the City of El Paso aims to foster the personal and professional growth of its employees by sharing the financial burden of education. This program is available to employees who have successfully completed their initial probationary period, contributing to the retention of a highly skilled and competent workforce.

Annually, employees have the opportunity to benefit from Tuition Assistance for various educational pursuits, including degree programs, certifications, and continuing education courses, as well as the costs associated with books and equipment.

Veterans Education Benefits

The Veterans Administration recognizes the El Paso Police Department Training Academy and Field Training Program as programs of higher learning. Military veterans and/or their dependents who are eligible to receive VA education benefits may receive 100% of their VA education benefits while attending the eleven (11) month training academy. Upon graduation from the Training Academy, officers enter the one (1) year Field Training program. Military veterans and/or dependents enrolled in the Field Training Program are eligible to receive 65% of their VA education benefits during the first six (6) months of training and 55% during the remaining six (6) months.

Holidays & Leave


12 Paid Holidays Per Day:

emergency Sick Leave

Employees accrue sick leave at a monthly rate of 10 hours from their initial employment date, with no limit on accumulation. Additionally, employees are permitted to utilize 50 hours of the allotted 120 sick leave hours annually for personal business. Furthermore, participants in the Perfect Attendance Program may utilize an additional 16 hours of the allocated 120 sick leave hours per year.

military_tech Military Leave

Employees who serve in the military are allotted 15 days annually of paid military leave.

info Other Leave

Officers may utilize other leave such as Compensatory Leave, Civil Leave, Parental Leave, and Funeral Leave. Additionally, earn up to 250 hours of comp time (paid time off) as well as earn up to 144 hours of vacation per year (1st 10 years).