Application Process

Outlined below are the application steps for the positions of Police Trainee and Lateral Officer.

Please note that the processes marked with an asterisk ( ) are exclusive to the Police Trainees.

Submit Online Application

If you have met the minimum requirements:

Written Examination

Three Frontline NationalTM Test Components

Written examinations are sent out and graded by the Ergo Metrics Company. All passing applicants will receive an email from an “ account,” inviting them to the next step.

View additional information about the written examination. Practice tests.

Once the applicant receives a passing score, the applicant moves on to the next step, which is the job simulation test.

Physical Ability Test

Pursuit Agility Course (video in Job Simulation below)

Job Simulation

Pursuit Agility Course

Objective: To complete the 180-foot course in 39 seconds or less. The work sample simulates a short-distance foot pursuit that might occur in the parking lot of an office complex or shopping center. The test requires that the applicant make frequent changes in direction while running as fast as possible.

The distance around the pursuit course is 180 feet. Before the applicant enters the course, they must run as quickly as possible around the course. Once they enter the course, they will scale a three-foot wall and jump over three 18-inch barriers. The distance the applicant will run inside the course is 150 feet. Applicants will be required to wear a bullet-resistant vest and carry a police radio while completing the course.

Wall Climb

Objective: To run a 25-yard course, scale a six-foot wall, and run five yards to the finish line in 17 seconds or less. This work sample simulates a situation in which an applicant must scale a six-foot wall during a pursuit. The applicant will be required to run 25 yards up to a wall, scale the wall, and run five yards to the finish line. The applicant may use any method to get over the wall. However, the applicant may not use the side supports in any manner to get over the wall.

Body Drag

Objective: To drag a 185-lb dummy a distance of 30 feet in 16 seconds or less. This work sample simulates dragging a wounded officer or citizen to safety for a distance of 30 feet. The applicant will be required to drag a 185-lb dummy that is lying face-up on the ground. The applicant is to drag the dummy by back peddling as quickly as possible for a total of 30 feet. The time it takes to drag the dummy will be recorded. The time ends when the dummy’s feet cross the finish line.

500-Yard Run

Objective: To complete the 500-yard pursuit run in 152 seconds or less. The work sample simulates a medium-distance pursuit. The exam consists of the applicant running 500 yards while wearing a bullet-resistant vest and carrying a police radio. When taking the exam, the applicant should pace themselves by running at about 2/4 speed. Applicants should not try to sprint the entire distance.

Applicants have two opportunities to successfully complete the Job Simulation test. Applicants are afforded a practice session before each test session. Information regarding each session will be forwarded to the email provided by the applicant.

Applicants will be advised if they PASS or FAIL at the Job Simulation site, then it's off to the comprehensive background investigation.

Personal History Statement

Applicants that pass the physical ability test are emailed a link that contains the Personal History Statement (PHS).

Comprehensive Background Investigation

Candidates who successfully pass the entrance examination and the job simulation will receive an email containing a link to access the Comprehensive Background Investigation Statement (CBIS). Attached below is a sample questionnaire for reference. Subsequently, candidates will proceed to the polygraph examination stage.

Comprehensive Background Investigation Questionnaire Sample

Polygraph Examination

All eligible candidates will be assigned a scheduled appointment for the polygraph examination. Following the examination, a licensed Polygraph Examiner will provide the candidate with feedback on their performance, indicating whether they have passed or failed the examination. Results from the polygraph do not automatically imply a candidate will be referred to the next step in the process. Candidate’s must successfully complete and receive recommendation through the Comprehensive Background Investigation in order to advance to the next step, which involves a Structured Oral interview.

Structured Oral Interview

The oral interview will be conducted by an interview board comprising a Police Commander, Police Lieutenant, Police Sergeant, Police Officer/Detective, and a representative from the El Paso Police Department (EPPD) Human Resources. Following the completion of the oral interview, candidates will be notified of their results, indicating whether they have passed or failed the interview.

Medical / Physical / Psychological Examination

Candidates who successfully pass the interview board will be scheduled to undergo a comprehensive medical examination and drug test. Additionally, a psychological examination will be arranged as part of the selection process.